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Learn More About Proton Therapy
Learn More About Proton Therapy

Why Proton Therapy

Proton therapy destroys tumors with a precise, targeted dose of radiation. It is superior to traditional photon (x-ray) radiation because it minimizes radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissue, potentially reducing or eliminating short and long term treatment complications. This makes proton therapy the preferred treatment option for patients with cancers in sensitive locations, such as near the brain, spine, heart and eye.

The advantage of proton therapy comes from a phenomenon known as the Bragg Peak. Unlike photons, protons can be charged to reach the exact depth where a tumor is located, then stop. Very little proton radiation continues past the tumor site.

Despite the promise of proton therapy to help many patients, it is only now becoming widely adopted. Traditional proton therapy systems were too expensive, too large and much too complex for most cancer treatment centers.

Mevion transformed radiation oncology by inventing compact proton therapy - shrinking the equipment footprint and the operational and financial costs significantly while still delivering a powerful cancer-fighting tool.

Now, with Mevion, more comprehensive health systems (and even private practices) can deliver superior proton therapy as an extension of their traditional radiation therapy treatment offering.

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